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How do you know how much food to order?
In a restaurant, the food is ordered on a rotating basis, and over time an expected "par" is developed. There are times when we run out of a specialty item, which is especially frustrating during a busy service time, but we are usually pretty close based on prior experience. Any leftovers that won't be used are donated to Food Runners.
Who cooks at home?
When our children were young, Mary cooked most nights. Now we cook relatively little at home, except for special occasions. David is usually not allowed into the kitchen at home due to an excess of exuberance.
Do you have children?
We have 3, who are all now grown. They have all worked in the restaurant at one time or another. Our eldest is an actor/instructor/dad, the next is an aerospace engineer, and the youngest is a nurse pursuing her degree as a nurse practitioner. They will not be seeking careers in the restaurant industry, probably due to early overexposure.
How long have you been open?
Since May of 1991. We built the restaurant from scratch. The neighborhood has changed enormously through the years, with the addition of the streetcar line, the ballpark, and many, many condos & apartments.
When did you meet?
We met at the California Culinary Academy in 1980. David, after many years in the food industry, was interested in upgrading his skill level. He was chef at a small jazz bar/restaurant downtown, and he hired Mary as his pastry chef. It was kismet.
How can you work together as a married couple?
We almost always have worked together. We each have our own responsibilities, our own "spheres of influence," so although we make decisions together, we don't step on each other's toes too often. It is not, however, a good idea for us to work the cooking line together.
How does the ballpark affect your business?
It’s a lot of fun. We enjoy the fans as well as stadium employees, office management, and yes, players (mostly pitchers; we’re not sure why). It makes the area feel festive and has a great community vibe.
Didn't you used to have a different restaurant?
We opened a small breakfast & lunch restaurant - Home Plate - on Lombard Street in 1986. We sold it in 1989 to build Town's End.
After so many years in the food industry, how do you stay so youthful?
Okay, I made that one up.



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